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How University Changes Lives and Improves Careers

Every year we welcome hundreds of international students to our diverse and vibrant community. They enjoy lower tuition fees and a high quality of education, while living and studying in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

What Our Students Say

“The way we study here is very good, and classes are not stressful. We have enough time to prepare for our classes and we have breaks in between classes so we can get enough rest.”

Tahidul Islam

3rd year student of the medical faculty

“The university system allows for such a smooth transition between the basic science and clinical subjects that allows for an integrated understanding of medicine as a whole. I came into my clinical rotations with such confidence, having had a solid foundation in my preclinical years.”

Dhruv Vashisht

3th year student of the medical faculty

“I like the university because many of the teachers are doctors themselves, so they teach with real life examples.”

Sayandip Das

3rd year student of the medical faculty

“I wanted to go to a university with affordable fees and a quality standard of education. The fees here are very affordable, and the academic standard is very high.”

Astitva Joshi

2nd year student of the medical faculty

“I am happy to be in this university because the teachers take our questions seriously and try to explain everything clearly.”

Narendra Taduri

2nd year student of the medical faculty

“There is a large community of international students from multiples countries here. Fitting into the system was never a struggle for me, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of this multicultural community.”

Sahil Singh

5th year student of the medical faculty

“I applied to this university because graduates from here easily license exams of my country. The teachers teach us very well.”

Akshat Agrawal

3rd year student of the medical faculty

«I am most grateful for the fact that the English language faculty is staffed by actual English-speaking staff. This made learning very comfortable, and the classes even more interactive, and this allowed me to study with world standard resources and books, and be able to discuss the material comfortably in class with the professors.»

Niratay Gosh

5rd year student of the medical faculty