There are a few lodging options for students within the Russian federation, the most common being lodging in the university dormitories. Other options include lodging in an apartment or with a host family. While the choice of place of residence is fully dependent on the student, it is necessary to consider all options, as each option has its pros and cons.

A few factors to consider when contemplating your lodging options include affordability of housing, nearness to the university and associated departments, location within the city and distance from shopping centers, hospitals and other facilities, security and safety.

The university dormitory:

The university dorms are often the cheapest options, with cost ranging from 10,000p (137 USD) to 81,000p (1,106 USD) for a year. The dorms are quite comfortable with different room sizes and different number of students (seaters) per room. There are one seater, two seaters and three seater rooms across the six student dormitories owned by the university.

Each room is equipped with tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds and mattresses with pillows and bed clothing. An internet cable is connected to every room. There is a common bathroom shared only by roommates, hot and cold water runs in the bathrooms. A general kitchen located on every floor is shared by all floor members. There is 24 hours of electricity in the dormitories and constant water supply.

Some of the dormitories are located within the university compound, and those located outside the university compound are about a five-minute walk from the university.

There are various supermarkets located in the area of the dormitories and the larger shopping malls are about 10-15 minutes bus drive away from this area.

The student dorms are generally secure with security posts located in front of the dormitories and cameras surrounding the buildings. Only students are allowed into the dormitory buildings after checking of their student identification cards.

Students who live in a dormitory must follow certain rules such as not to damage the furniture, keep one’s room tidy, not make too much noise (loud music, TV, etc.). There is a zero-tolerance policy on drinking and smoking in Russian halls of residence. You will be informed about these rules upon arrival.


Students have the rights to live in external housing around the city, but this is a less popular option. The common rates for apartments within the city begin from 20,000p a month and there is not a specific upper limit.

The university does not provide security for students who live outside the dormitories.