Pre-medical course


The preparatory course is a structural unit of the academy organized since 1991. The activity of the preparatory courses is directed to prepare students for entrance examinations to medical and biological higher institutions. Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky which obtained the fourth higher grade of accreditation of the institutions of the higher education is one of the best in the Crimea. The head of Preparatory Department is associate Bilyk Marina Pavlovna.

Foreign students of the preparatory department study the following subjects:

  • Russian language
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Our academic year starts in September-October. Duration of studying varies from eight up to ten months. Departmental courses are given by high-qualified lecturers of the Medical Academy. The lecturers in the Russian language have experience of work with the institutions of higher education of Syria, Germany, Turkey, Cube, and other countries.

After the graduation from the Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy (in case of successful completion of studies) students receive officially recognized certificate of graduation which allows them to apply to any Russian institution of higher education. High quality of training in the Preparatory Department of the Medical Academy facilitates successful studying in the institutions of higher education with medical, biological and technical specialization.

Classes last 3 academic hours, twice a week in every subject. Students of the Preparatory Department have free access to the library, computer lab (including Internet), polyclinic and gymnastics facilities of the Academy.


Five student hostels of the Medical Academy offer accommodation in convenient rooms for 2-3 persons. The hostels are situated in the park area of the city centre in the walking distance from the Academy premises.

The hostels meet all requirements necessary for comfortable stay, preparation for studies and rest. The hostels are offering the following facilities:

  • Reading rooms and halls for education;
  • Cafeterias, bars, restaurants, buffets, shops;
  • Billiard-room;
  • Hall of prayer (for Muslim students);
  • Xerox;
  • International phone-machines;


Sport facilities of the Academy is considered one of the best in Russia. There are the following facilities:

  • Stadium;
  • Hall for track and field athletics;
  • Swimming-pool;
  • Halls for basketball and volley-ball;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Game areas;
  • Specially equipped halls for shaping and various types of oriental combats;

Students of the Preparatory Department are entitled to receive free medical treatment in a special student polyclinic situated in the territory of the Academy.

In the course of the academic year students of the Preparatory Department become acquainted with the places of interest and sightseeing of the Crimea’s, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Cozy and mild climate of the Crimean Peninsula abundant in fruits and vegetables facilitates the adaptation of the students arriving from the hot southern countries to the Russia standards of life.


Every year, more than 200 students study at the courses and the number tends to increase. Enrolment to the preparatory course is made on contract basis, admission is carried out from September 1 till November 1. There is also a two-month intense training in the main subjects (May-June).

At the end of the course, students will have the option to study in the university either in the English medium or in the Russian medium.

The high prestige of the preparatory course is due to the fact that in the past years, 70% of the students of the course became students of medical higher institutions. According to the results of sociological interrogation, those students who entered the academy after the preparatory course are more successful in studying fundamental subjects.


To become a student of the Preparatory Department a foreign citizen must put the next needed papers (in addition to official invitation):

  • Official invitation for studying from the Russia;
  • Original of education certificate with the list of disciplines and grades;
  • AIDS analysis certificate;
  • A medical certificate attested by an official medical board in the residence country and issued not more than 2 months prior to the entrance to Russia;
  • Copy of birth certificate;
  • Return open date ticket;
  • Xerox-copy of passport;
  • 8 photos (60x40mm);

The documents listed in paragraphs 1, 3, 4 are to be attested and legalized in accordance with the legislation of the residence countries unless envisaged otherwise by Russia international agreements.

The normal entrance period for training in Russia is from 15 August to 1 November annually. Students arriving in a different period have to receive a special permission from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Documents are accepted from the end of August through the beginning of September of the current academic year. In addition to the educational fee, there are the following additional payments:

  • accommodation in a hostel room;
  • medical insurance;

For reduced tuition-fee the students of the Preparatory Department may attend non-mandatory courses of the Russian language, Russian literature and culture.

In order to apply to the preparatory course, applicants are required to send in their documents including passport and identification documents, school certificates and birth certificates to or contact +79780206874. Any further questions are also welcome on these same contact channels.